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【THSR Voucher Draw Information】 Vouchers allowing up to a 18% discount on fares when traveling on THSR. Online application starting today until midday May 20th 2019. Thank you.

To all departments, faculty members, staff and students,
As a business member of THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail), NCKU has received 1,500 vouchers, each worth a discount of up to 18% off THSR travel fares. Travelers that use THSR can apply for the draw, by leaving their information at the following website: http://dorm.osa.ncku.edu.tw/thsrc/ starting today until midday May 20th 2019.
The results will be displayed on the Secretariat website before May 21st. Winners will be notified via email and may choose to receive up to 4 vouchers each.
The vouchers are valid from May 14th 2019 to June 30th 2019, except for some extended holidays.
For further information about the vouchers’ validity, please see THSR website. (http://www.thsrc.com.tw/tw/Article/ArticleContent/66b15dfb-04be-4646-8e5b-3719a2ac2eae)
THSR Customer Service:4066-3000  Mobile phone: 02-4066-0000
If you would like to know more about THSR generally, please see their website: http://www.thsrc.com.tw/index_en.html?force=1.
※Please at any time, when buying a THSR ticket provide NCKU’s business member number: 6911-5908, as this will allow NCKU more vouchers.


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